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About Gabby Edet

Hey, I'm Gabby, owner of Finest Fitness, a passionate and motivated qualified PT based in North London. I love being able to help both females and males around the country make a difference to their physical and mental wellbeing through personal training. 

My own fitness journey started in 2019, when I decided to lose weight - I was at my heaviest and felt so insecure in myself, I wasn't happy in my body and decided to make a change. Throughout the course of 2020 I lost 30kg by consistently going to the gym, eating clean and eventually living on a vegan diet. It was in this time I decided to take what I'd learned from first hand experience and qualify to teach others how to create, live and sustain a healthy lifestyle that aligns with their personal goals. After having lost the weight, I built lean muscle for a more toned physique and I am still on my journey now. I want to show that you don't need to go on crazy fad diets to drop 10kg in a month, to only put it back on in the next, and create unhealthy diet habits and relationship with food. You can reach your goals by eating in moderation, having effective and structured workouts and being consistent - my best advice is to always find a way to keep your end goal in sight - which is one of the things I work closely with my clients on - as its not just the physical that matters but the mental journey to fitness too.





Clients Transformations

Clients Reviews

Gabby is a fantastic trainer; I am always energised and ready for the day ahead after our sessions


Gabby is very encouraging & she willreally push you, whilst keeping the workouts fun and enjoyable


Gabby is always taking into consideration your ability and issues you may have; if youre looking for a great coach, look no further


I have very much enjoyed and benefitted from Gabby's support; my main problem is that I am inconsistent but that wasn't the case with Gabby's accountability  


Success Stories

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