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Why Finest Fitness?

As a PT, I have experienced all 3 sides of the spectrum; overweight, weight loss and lean muscle building, so I understand what each stage takes to overcome challenges and be successful in your fitness goals. At Finest Fitness, we take a holistic approach to fitness; its not just about physical progress, but improvement in understanding nutrition and the foods that will fuel you for your workouts and lifestyle. It's about exploring mechanisms to mentally push through any blockages that could stop you from getting to where you want. Its about understanding what to do during recovery to aid your next workout and avoid injury; this is the service you will get with me, and we will stop at nothing until you have reached your desired outcome.

Customised Programmes

There is no 'one fits all' with work out programmes; each individual has their specific needs and abilities. Before our first session we will have a consultation to discuss your goals, current fitness level and schedule, exercise likes and dislikes so I can create a 4-6 week program tailored completely to you



The beauty of PT sessions is the focussed, effective 1-1 attention you receive. Things such as form correction to prevent injury and maximise effectiveness of your workout, visual demonstrations, on-going encouragement are some benefits of training with me, as well as challenging but structured workouts created with your fitness needs in mind



The results I provide are not merely aesthetic changes; I can guarantee you will feel more toned, energetic, mentally more alert and improved overall fitness; that run to the corner that used to leave you breathless will become a breeze... your results with my training will have you more confident in your physique and more capable of going about daily activities

Nutritional Advice

Nutrition is such an important aspect to fitness and often undervalued; I provide detailed nutrition information as a qualified nutrition advisor and create calorie counted meal plans to guide you, and encourage macronutrient tracking with frequent check ins to stay on top of your goals



You might be familiar with an exercise; but there are ways to intensify/ modify/ regress an exercise you might not know. I like to do progressive sets; for example you might start with a simple version of an exercise and as sets go on I will change aspects of the exercise tin increase difficulty/ target a different part of the muscle - this keeps them workouts challenging and exciting!

Experienced Training

Having had experience with athletes with vigorous fitness requirements, to those training for leisure and general fitness, I have an extremely wide exercise library stored in my head! All you need to do is show up, be committed and stay consistent and this will be a match made in heaven

Clients Transformations

Clients Reviews

Gabby is a fantastic trainer; I am always energised and ready for the day ahead after our sessions


Gabby is very encouraging & she willreally push you, whilst keeping the workouts fun and enjoyable


Gabby is always taking into consideration your ability and issues you may have; if youre looking for a great coach, look no further


I have very much enjoyed and benefitted from Gabby's support; my main problem is that I am inconsistent but that wasn't the case with Gabby's accountability  


Success Stories

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