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You say furniture, I say home gym equipment... resourceful home workout ideas!

I get it, gyms being closed is a bummer, but we have to stay fit somehow! Here's the furniture in your house you never thought to use as gym equipment.

Don't get it twisted, you can easily have a great workout with no equipment...use the best resource...your body! But some gym freaks like myself miss the pump of weight training, beating your PB, pushing yourself that extra mile...are you daydreaming of the gym now or is it just me? : (

So let's see what equipment, I mean furniture, is available to you in your home, and which of your fave exercises can be done with it.

1. The good old couch... you mean the leg press machine?

I wonder how much time during lockdown you've spent with your bum glued to the sofa, well now it's time to get under it! This type of sofa, one that has a gap between the floor and the bottom of it & a sofa not so big that it covers your entire living room, is perfect for leg press! Centre yourself in the middle of the sofa, place your feet at the end of it and lying flat on your back...PRESS! It might not be your standard 200kg leg press in the gym but it will definitely work something; and to intensify the workout you can also increase the reps and sets in comparison to what you usually do in the gym. Note that single beds may also work for this exercise if it meets the same criteria as this sofa.

2. 2L water bottles... the versatile dumbbells

These water bottles are the perfect size to use as dumbbells. It's obvious that these are most efficient when full so maybe use another water bottle to actually hydrate yourself and leave this for lifting.

There are endless exercises you can use these for...imagine anything you would usually use a dumbbell for, there's loads! Some examples are bicep curls, overhead tricep extension, goblet squats, frontal raises. The list is endless. Again, it won't be the same as a 10kg dumbbell but there's ways to increase intensity as well as those mentioned in point 1 e.g. increase the speed of exercise and minimise the resting period in between sets.

3. The dining table chair...tricep dip your way through lockdown!

Again, a chair can be used for loads of exercises. The most common one being tricep dips. Just make sure that you rest the chair on something sturdy like a wall...please don't go to the hospital after using your wonky chair with no support saying this is what Finest Fitness told you to do...because I definitely did not! : )

You can also use this chair for Bulgarian split squats to target those glutes. With one foot resting on the chair, go into a deep lunge as you would do on a bench in the gym. And just like that you've got triceps & bum sorted!

4. A vacuum pole...perfect for barbell squats!

Providing you have this type of hoover, you're set to go! Remove the pole from the rest of the vacuum, put on your shoulders behind you, keep that back straight and squat; low. To challenge yourself and be creative, you could add 2 shopping bags to either side of the pole to increase the load. BUT make sure you hold the handles of the shopping bags whilst its on the pole, we don't want broken eggs all over the floor now.

The vacuum pole can also be used for exercises such as military press, clean press, bent over rows, Romanian deadlifts...anything that you would traditionally use a barbell for.

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