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My Top 5 vegan alternatives to make you forget dairy & meat!

Most people who contemplate potentially going vegan always tell me they wouldn't be able to give up a certain meat or cheese or egg...well there are some vegan alternatives that are actually (in my opinion) BETTER than the original. Let's take a look.

1. Alpro chocolate hazelnut yogurt

I eat this everyday...without fail. It's the best vegan creation ever. You forget that dairy even exists. With only 90 calories and low fat content, this delicious yogurt doesn't have you feeling guilty or that you've had a cheat day, its simply a yummy snack. And since we are on the topic of Alpro chocolate flavoured food...the chocolate milk is a pretty good runner up! I avoid buying them because I have absolutely no self control with it. They also come in small cartons which is good for children...and adults with no self discipline.

2. "Chicken" kiev

Again, this "chicken" will make you forget the taste of actual chicken because its so good. Most supermarkets have it, I buy mine from Tesco or M&S. I normally eat it cut into slices and put it in a wrap with guacamole, lettuce & vegan cheese...delish! My only, however, is that it is extremely high in fat content (over 20g, which is almost half your daily recommended fat intake in one piece of food), so I try to avoid having it too often and keep it more as a treat than anything else. But if you're in need of some quick vegan oven food... this is the one, a strong 9.5/10.

3. Ben & Jerrys non-dairy ice cream

This ice cream tub gets me through a hard day...I never feel the need to have a normal ice cream because this is just 10/10, the best. They have a few non-dairy flavours, which include cookie dough, peanut butter & cookies, cherry glazier & chocolate fudge to name a few of many! Again, these are a very occasional buy because the tub just disappears when it's around me, but I definitely recommend trying this if you're new to vegan life and are craving something sweet, this is it!

4. "Chicken" tikka pieces

This is another great alternative that works in so many meals & is so versatile. I buy mine from Tesco from the Naked Glory brand, it really feels like chicken. It's also really low in fat so on days where I am not plant-based and look for meat alternatives, this is definitely one I turn to because I still feel light after having eaten it. My go-to recipe for this is grilled vegetables and grilled "chicken" with some seasoning...light & lovely!

5. Vegan goats cheese

Now I have to agree, no matter I try and sell veganism on this blog, vegan cheese is NOT the best; it's probably the hardest thing to give up and substitute when you first convert. So when I came across this cheese, I was so happy! This goats cheese is the closest thing you will get to actual cheese and unlike the other fake cheeses doesn't have an overwhelming coconut, artificial taste. It's really useful to put in pasta, or if you make a home-made pizza or even just in a sandwich with some makes my meals really good. Although it is lower in fat and calories than actual cheese, it still isn't the healthiest thing to have in the fridge, so my advice on how to maintain a healthy vegan diet and not go crazy with the substitutes, is don't eat this all the time, reserve it for special meals a few times a week.

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